Pot of Gold winners: (from left): Jeannie Ream, Derek Fast, Gina Daly, Isabella Robb, Jody Gollnick and Caleb Gollnick.

The Sleepy Eye Retail Association’s Pot of Gold medallion hunt is over and this year’s group of winners were the same group that found it last year.

Jeannie Ream, Jody Gollnick, Derek Fast and Gina Daly found the medallion Wednesday at approximately 1:30 p.m. on the new lookout deck at Sportsman’s Park. Last year Jeannie’s husband was present in the successful hunt while Jeannie was working. This year, the tables were turned, she helped find it while he was at work.

The group spent about three hours searching before the green puck shaped medallion was found duct taped in a bag to the decking. The group has participated in the hunt for the past 10 years.

This year the group has two extra pair of eyes helping – infants Isabella Robb and Caleb Gollnick. They will split a $100 chamber certificate.

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