BBC Leadership Program

The Bridging Brown County Leadership Program was designed to help current and emerging leaders understand the dynamics of community and the role leadership shares in building healthy communities.  This program brings together Brown County residents of diverse backgrounds to share a common commitment to the future growth of this area.  This is an opportunity for community members to network while developing leadership skills and gather knowledge of the trends, challenges and issues that face our communities and BrownCounty.

Learn New Skills!

Participate in seven professional leadership development seminars led by educators from the University of Minnesota Extensions’s Center for Community Vitality.

  • Understanding Your Personal Leadership Style
  • Stimulating Visionary Leadership
  • Committees That Work
  • Bridging Generational Trends: Preparing for Tomorrow’s Workforce
  • Navigating Conflict
  • Enhancing Ethical Leadership
  • Improve Your Critical Thinking

Meet New People!

Participants will meet new people, rub elbows with local and regional community leaders, and build a leadership network to assist you personally and professionally.

Discover New Places!

Tours of city facilities, schools, businesses, and historic sites will be given along with visits to unique shops and restaurants, local farms, and county parks.

Get More Info, Apply!

Bridging Brown County Leadership Program Application Form

Bridging Brown County Leadership Program Brochure

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